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BRUCE BUCKINGHAM Rhytm Guitar – The complete guide – Metodo completo per chitarra


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A comprehensive source for learning rhythm guitar in a variety of musical styles. It covers: open chords, barre chords, and other movable shapes: strumming, fingerstyle, flatpicking and arpeggiation: common progressions and basic chord theory: triads, sixth, seventh, ninth, and many other chords and much more, with standard notation and tab. The cost of the book includes access to 85 online audio tracks for streaming or download. The audio files include PLAYBACK+ functions including tempo adjustment and looping features to aid with practice.


Specifiche tecniche:

– Compositore Bruce Buckingham

– Organico Chitarra

– Tipo prodotto Libro + Audio-online

– Anno di pubblicazione 2013

– Gruppo strumento Chitarra

– Artista Musicians Institute Press

– Anno di pubblicazione 2013

– ISBN 9781480309081

– UPC 884088875855

– Numero di pagine 144

– Collana Musicians Institute

– No. HL00114559

EAN: 9781480309081 COD: 978-1-4803-0908-1 Categorie: ,
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