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USATO YAMAHA DTXplorer Batteria elettronica 5 pezzi completa di piatti e pedali


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Solo 1 pezzi disponibili



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The new Yamaha DTXPLORER is the lowest priced professional 5-piece electronic drum set Yamaha offers. It features 214 high-caliber Yamaha drum and percussion voices, 22 preset songs, 32 preset drum kits, digital effects, and a 16-bit tone generator with 32-note polyphony.
The DTXPLORER has high-impact rubber pads with a natural feel and rebound. A sturdy folding rack, and an FP-6110 bass drum pedal complete the set.
The tone module of the DTXPLORER allows drummers to create and save nine custom drum kits. It features a Groove Check function?and connects to external CD players and computers for lively practice sessions. It can also be used with acoustic kits to serve as a stand-alone trigger module.
The Yamaha DTXPLORER is an ideal kit for practice at home or gigging live.

Specifiche tecniche:
 – 5 high impact natural feel drum pads
 – 2 cymbal pads
 – Drum Rack
 – Bass drum pedal model FP6110
 – Tone module with 214 high quallity drum and percussion voices
– 22 preset songs
 – 32 preset drum kits
 – Digital effects
 – 16 bit tone generator with 32 note polyphony
 – Il set include: 5 x TP65 8.5″ rubber toms; KP65 kick; 2 x PCY65 cymbal pad ; HH65 hi hat pedal; FP-6110 foot pedal. 

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